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The mission of the International Association of Trampoline Parks is to the facilitate the commercial success of the indoor trampoline park industry. Never has there been a time that our core mission has been more important. We are bringing you the premier event in 2020 to help your businesses survive and thrive.
Connecting Your Brand to Buyers
Sponsorship & Exhibitor Information
November 10th is your chance to connect your brand to potential buyers. We are offering a virtual exhibit space that allows you to showcase your brand, network and sell. Sponsorship opportunities are available if you are seeking high level exposure. We are here to help you make the most of your experience. CLICK HERE for opportunities, and to register!
Calling All Park Owners & Operators
We are here to help you succeed
There is no question that 2020 has been a challenging year for our industry. We will bounce back and  together we will be stronger than ever. This event is designed to help you bridge the transition between pre and post pandemic business. We want to give you the tools for your toolbox to not only survive, but to thrive. You won't want to miss this one day event designed 100% with you and your business needs at the heart of our agenda. CLICK HERE to register today!

In Memory of Jeff Schilling, Creative Works Founder
The IATP is honored to dedicate our 8th Annual Conference & Trade Show to Jeff Schilling. The Creative Works Founder leaves behind a true legacy. Join us during our lunch break as we take time to pay tribute to Jeff, and gain invaluable insight from Jeff's message. His legacy should serve as an inspiration to all of us. We are better for having had Jeff as a part of the IATP. Our thoughts and gratitude remain with Kim, and the entire Creative Works Family. 
Featured Speakers
Bringing you a full line up of industry focused experts to deliver the resources you need to survive and thrive. 
Jeff Platt
founder, sky zone
Jeff led Sky Zone’s efforts to begin franchising in 2009 and oversaw the company’s growth to over 200 locations, spreading the power of active play around the world.
Sheryl Bindelglass
President, Sherylgolf
Sheryl is the go-to authority for trampoline parks, amusement parks, family entertainment centers and related companies large and small, helping them attain profitable results year after
Frank Price
President, FL Price/Birthday Party University
Frank personally challenges new starts; modernizations and current owners with over 25 years experience, to deliver high-level, quality guest experience.
Joshua Liebman
Founder, Backlooper
Joshua helps attractions generate higher volumes of guest feedback, and provides them with the intelligence needed to correct the most pressing concerns that detract from the guest experience.  
2 sessions will run concurrently along with breakout groups to facilitate discussions  on topics important to you!

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|      7:30 - 8:45 am
Hello Help Desk
Welcome to IATP's 8th Annual Conference & Trade Show - A Virtual Event! Is this your first virtual event? Do you have questions? We have answers! Stop by this interactive help desk and say hello to the IATP Team! We are here to be certain you have a successful and productive experience! Let's Get Jumping!!
|      7:30 - 6pm
Virtual Exhibit Hall
Connecting buyers to suppliers from the comfort of their home, office, coffee shop, or really anywhere in the world!  Our virtual exhibit hall will be open from 7:30 am till 6pm with dedicated show hours at the following times: 7:30 - 8:30, 12 - 1 and 5 - 6. This provides everyone with the flexibility to adjust their schedules accordingly!!
|   8:30 - 8:50 am
IATP 8th Annual Conference & Trade Show Virtual Business Meeting & Welcome
Welcome to this year's first ever virtual event! Learn about the direction of the IATP as we all work together to bounce back! Everyone is encouraged to participate, and park members in good standing will be required to vote on any business brought before the membership. 
|     9 - 9:50 am
Governmental & Funding COVID Assistance for North American Parks - Wayne Pierce, The Pierce Law Firm, Jon Heshka, Thompson Rivers University,  Christian Campbell, Firestone Financial - Moderator: Bethany Evans, IATP 
Join this panel discussion to learn the latest on PPP, private funding and other resources available for businesses impacted by the effects of COVID. Make sure you are up to date on everything that is available for you to help meet the needs of your business. 
|     9 - 9:50 am
Bouncing Back in the EU & UK- Hugo Perpere, JUMP France, Gavin Lucas, GoJumpIn, Roland van Geest, Jumpsquare, Moderator: Peter Brown, IATP 
Our industry has had quite the journey throughout the world this year. Join a panel of leading operators from across Europe to explore the impact of the pandemic and how together we can navigate the bumpy road to recovery.
|     10 - 10:50 am
Media Management - Communications When Crisis Hits - Laetitia Gruwel, Tara Communicate
How do you prepare your communication after small and major incidents? 
Incidents happen all the time. But how do we respond to them? What is a good response? How to react to media?
Some incidents are more damaging to your reputation than others. How do you recognize that?
Lots of questions (and answers); but one crucial conclusion: be prepared!
|     10 - 10:50 am
Optimising Your Social Media Activity in A Challenging Market - Sarah Barnard, Clicky. , Victoria Doherty, Clicky.
Sharing how you can increase performance and positive customer sentiment in today's marketplace through best practice use and optimisation of social media whilst linking to a 360-degree digital marketing strategy.
|     11- 11:50 am
Safety and Liability...Navigating the Landscape Now That You're Open - Wayne Pierce, The Pierce Law Firm 
This session will address numerous safety as well as liability issues lurking as you operate your business in the "new normal". There is no shortage of guidance from the CDC, the travel and amusement industries, and state and local officials. There are a lot of open questions for employee and patron safety and your resulting liability. Wayne Pierce will help you identify your risk and develop an action plan for a successful operation that will minimize your exposure, keep you out of trouble, and allow you to concentrate on ensuring your patrons return for more fun!
|     11- 11:50 am
Rev-Up Your Revenue - Groups Sales - New Sources of Revenue! - Sheryl Bindelglass, SherylGolf
Do you need to boost your sales? Are you finding it hard to generate the income you need for your center? This is the time to find additional sources of revenue to help boost your profits. Let Sheryl show you creative resources to grow your group sales, and find alternative sources of revenue. Understand who is booking groups, identify additional sources of income, discover alternative ways to bring more people into your park!!
|     12- 12:50 am
Lunch Break: Leaving a Legacy....Jeff Schilling
In the early days of the IATP, Jeff Schilling graciously gave his time to help organize our Associate Members by servicing as our Associate Committee Chair. Jeff's commitment to our industry was always valued and appreciated. Today we are honored to dedicate our 8th Annual Conference & Trade Show to Jeff, and to keep his legacy alive. We urge you all to enjoy your lunch, and listen to Jeff's message that relevant to us all more now than ever.

Read More About Jeff and His Legacy
Creative Works Founder Jeff Schilling Leaves Behind a Legacy
|     1- 2 pm
Keynote Address: "Lessons from the Past....and Jumping Towards the Future" Jeff Platt
From 2004 to 2020 Jeff Platt has been a force in the indoor trampoline park industry. From a failed model to a successful franchise group discover the lessons learned along the way, and how we all can be optimistic about jumping into our future. "We created a billion-dollar industry from scratch," he says. "There's a lot left to accomplish - Jeff Platt, Founder - Sky Zone
|     2- 2:50 pm
Snapshot of the Trampoline Park Insurance Market - What's Coming Next? - Doug Flora, Haas & Wilkerson, Tim Forshaw, Tower Insurance Brokers
Wondering what the impacts on the insurance market will be following the COVID-19 pandemic? Join us as we take a look at the US and global market and help give you the necessary information and tools to be informed and prepared. 
|     2- 2 :50 pm
Post Pandemic Party and Group Revenue; How to Make it Work For Your Park - Frank Price, FL Price/Birthday University
Parties & groups may be your saving grace in 2021 …The changes you make NOW are what you’ll get back, positive, or negative six months and beyond. Even after this pandemic tsunami subsides, the ingredients of a profitable party and events program have remained the same. It’s the human relationships and emotional interaction on your attractions, that create your unique difference, justifying value, and giving a reason to return. Those hoping for a miracle, searching for market share by offering more for less, will get lost, blend, or just fade away.
|     3- 3:50 pm
De-Escalation Techniques to Help Your Employees, Your Guests, and Your Business - Josh Liebman, Backlooper & Matt Heller, Performance Optimist Consulting

The landscape of guest behavior has changed. Due to your new policies, some of your guests will jump at the chance to question your rules, putting your team members in uncomfortable situations when guests don’t agree and don’t follow them. The end result is two-fold: employee morale drops, and your park suffers from lost revenue and a damaged reputation.
In this session, Matt Heller and Josh Liebman apply principles of employee engagement and guest experience so that you can help your team members navigate these unusual times. This circumstance requires a combination of proactive measures to be put in place to minimize escalated situations, along with a set response plan when guests become unruly.
The takeaways from this session will help your employees, your guests, and your parks.
|    3 -  3:50 pm
Are You Prepared for the New Normal? - Luke Shaheen, Apex, Bill Duffy, Flight Fit'N Fun, David Wallace, Turfway Entertainment Management Moderator: Sheryl Bindelglass, SherylGolf
Join the discussion as we take a look at new cleaning procedures, operations, and how to be sure your park is ready to meet the needs of your guests as they return to leisure activities
|     4 -  4:50 pm
The Strength of the FEC Industry and the Future of the Real Estate Markets - RJ Mohindra, FEC Real Estate
Concerned about your landlord trying to push you out the door?  Curious about the future of the real estate markets?  In this talk, RJ Mohindra will give you a tour of today’s market proven strategies to deal with your landlord.  During this presentation, RJ will illustrate how the FEC industry is poised to succeed to within the purview of the real estate markets.
|     4 -  4:50 pm
Innovative Revenue Generators! - Jim Howell, Perky's Pizza, Vonae Tanner, MathMind, Sigourney Weathers, Balanced Creations Physical Therapy, Moderator: Bob Cooney
Are you looking for new ways to generate revenue at your park? We have the "outside of the box" ideas you are looking for. From concessions, STEM programs and Rebound Therapy utilize your park in ways you've never considered. 
|    5 -  6 pm
Virtual Networking - LIVE!
Grab a beverage and visit with our sponsors and exhibitors and join us for networking, discussion and recap in our speed dating format meet & greet!
Virtual Meet Ups

Join us for Virtual Meet Ups throughout the day! These are awesome opportunities to learn more about what is going on in the industry and to discuss with your peers what is important to you? Have an idea for a discussion topic? Email us at: info@indoortrampolineparks.org
10:00 AM
Coffee and COVID
Join us for an informal discussion on the impact of the pandemic and the opportunities out there, as it can't be all bad.
11:00 AM
The Amusement and Adventure Institute (AAI) is an education-driven non-profit organization dedicated to elevating trampoline and adventure parks through traditional and online training, publications, and certification programs that measure proficiency in operations, safety, and risk management. Join us to learn how your park can benefit from our enhanced training led by a core group of safety and risk management experts.
2:00 PM
Let's Get Jumping!
We are ready to launch! Learn how this new campaign will help get patrons through your doors! Highlighting the health  and educational benefits of JUMPING all while we emphasize how to do so safely! Be sure to stop by our booth to learn MORE!
3:00 PM
Amusement Advantage - Custom COVID Monitoring Options
Amusement Advantage has been providing mystery shops for IATP Members as part of their membership benefits. Learn ways they are helping customers through this pandemic period and how it can benefit you.
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